atmos presents 『On ×atmos + OUROUR=∞』Blue Runnning Club (BRC)2nd run |



atmos presents 『On ×atmos + OUROUR=∞』Blue Runnning Club (BRC)2nd run

The second Blue Running Club was held.
This time we able to run the course that we couldn’t go last time because it was rainy.
We ran the phantom course of Tokyo Marathon, and also introduce the scenery in the cource…
Please read it!

(Reprinted from atmos mag JOURNAL)

We hold The second Blue Running Club on December 21th. So we introduce that.
This time, the weather is fine, so we were able to go on the course as planned.

We started at atmos Ginza, first we ran Chuo-dori[chuo-street] which had been closed to vehicles.Because of the end of the year, the street was very busy. So we were excited.

Next, Eidai-dori to Kayabacho to Shinoohasi-dori to Kiyosubashi-dori to Edo-dori to Kuramae to Asakusa.It was a flat and easy to run.

In the middle of running, you can enjoy and feel a traditional atmosphere of Tokyo and then, you can run and see downtown.

When you arrive Asakusa-Kaminarimon, you will take picture as planned.There are so many tourist in there but we successed in taking picture!
After that, you will go Sumida River.
From there, without signal, you’ll run to thr goal of Asakusabashi in a straight line.
Let’s run fast little by little!! Last spurt!!

With supported by On, we tried to on shoes of “Cloudflow” and we run together with this shoes.
We passed people in a street and they knew that we are On. We realized that On is getting popular.

People, who did Cloudflow, they liked this shoes like “Easy to wear”, “light” and “Feel comfortable” .

After running, everyone got smile naturally.
The phase “Shortcut to the runner’s high is true.
They proved it because they got smile.

Of course, we can take picture in front of OUROUR as the goal.
The total distance and time is about 8 km and an hour of runtrip.

“Blue Running Club”, which atmos started running club, is community to connect with others throughout physical action as running.
If people who like to run were gathered, spontaneously content of the conversation become running, even if they are strangers to each other.

From this community, we will keep the conversation going about sneakers and fashion. We can’t stop taking!!
Throughout running, we can make friends because you can share with people who you may not have chance to meet.
We’d like to spread this enjoyment more.

We will continue this event continuously. If you are interested in it, please join us!
We are waiting for participant from beginner to professional.
Let’s do action for connecting by running!
Look forward to next event!




Tokyo-to Taito-ku
Yanagibashi 2-20-13

TEL : 03-5829-6470
FAX : 03-5829-6470

8 minutes walk from Asakusabashi Sta.

From the current location to OUR OUR