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OUROUR hamburg steak that makes your stomach crazy

We defenitely recommend the hamburg steak (\1000+tax ). You can select the sauce, Citrus soy sauce and cheese curry.

My uncle who is eating the hamburg steak around Japan was impressed with OUROUR one.
Every bite, the taste of meat is spread in the mouth. The point is the texture.
Cheese curry is the sauce that is baked chedar cheese on OUROUR curry (SHITAMACHI-curry).
The taste is gravy but soft. When you eat that, you can understand why the dish has many repeat guests.
Citrus soy sauce is made with red radish and edible clover (MITSUBA) Gravy of the meat and refleshing sauce are the best match…
And I recommend to dip grilled vegetable in that sauce.

All the lunch dishes come with small salad, the soup and the drink bar. It is out of our imagine that we can eat the real hamburg steak with the reasonal price. TRY IT and EAT WILD.




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