Megurin Bus is for sightseeing |



Megurin Bus is for sightseeing

When you go outside of the hotel, please turn left at the corner.
There is a small supermarket “PIAGO” on your left side.

It is really convinient for the hotel guests to grab some food.
It takes just 1 minute.
And over “PIAGO”, I found No.11 bus stop that is called “Yanagi-nashi branch hospital entrance” of Taito-ku City Circular bus “MEGURIN”.

On the time table, it is every 15 minutes. And, this is the detail of the time table and the route each line.
Near exite north of Asakusa-bashi station, No.9 bus stop is located, so you can come to Hotel OUROUR using the bus.

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No.11 “Yanagi-nashi branch hospital entrance” is on the route of West “MEGURIN”.
That is one way route.

①上野駅 (Ueno station)

④新御徒町駅 (Shin-Okachiachi)

⑨浅草橋駅北 (Exit North of JR Asakusa-bashi station)
※When you go out of Asakusa-bashi station, please turn left. And when you see “Hulic building” (first floor is the convenience store, Lawson)

⑪柳橋分院入口 (Yanagi-bashi branch hospital)

⑫鳥越神社前 (Torigoe shrine)
※Torigoe shrine is famous for festival.

⑰田原町駅 (Tawara-machi station)
※Tawara-machi station is famous for the bread, Pelican.

⑱浅草菊水通り(Asakusa St. Kikusui)
※You can go to Asakusa Kaminari-mon by walk.

⑲西浅草 (Nishi-Asakusa)
※near St Kappa-bashi

①上野駅(Ueno station)
※via Iriya and Komagata

The cost is only 100 yen!! ( Pre-school children, up tp two are free with an adult.)
“Megurin” of west route is really efficient to sightseeing and famous spot in Taito-ku.
You can’t help using “Megurin” during trip in Taito-ku.




Tokyo-to Taito-ku
Yanagibashi 2-20-13

TEL : 03-5829-6470
FAX : 03-5829-6470

8 minutes walk from Asakusabashi Sta.

From the current location to OUR OUR