"OUR OUR" is the "Good Place" for all of us

Good places inspire good experiences.

This place is a meeting point based around the idea of "ambivalence".

Ambivalence is defined as "simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings toward an object, person, or action". There is no correct answer to what a good place is. So what is the Asakusabashi-Kuramae hotel "OUR"? For some, it is a lodge where they can rest, for others it might be a little breathing room in a bustling city. To some, it is a place where they can eat their favorite breakfast while others are looking for a space to meet and gather.


“HINOKI” Spa & Garden

Surrounded by Japanese cypress in the heart of the metropolis, a place to refresh and unwind

You will find the public “HINOKI Spa & Garden" on the top floor. Each of the facilities, separated by gender, has multiple shower boothes and a cypress bath, as well as a running station that offers a fitness break from the urban everyday life. We wish to provide you with a different take on space and time.

Souvenir Shop

An assortment of items that have been breathing the air of uniquness of Tokyo

The Souvenir Shop, with the hand picked selection by stylist Tsuyoshi NIMURA, is stuffed with the ambience of Tokyo.

Gallery Lounge

A pocket of the world colored by an artists ideas

The gallery is located on the second floor. Several art pieces are exhibited on the walls, as white as an empty canvas. It is a shared public space that acts as a nexus of art and city.




Tokyo-to Taito-ku
Yanagibashi 2-20-13

TEL : 03-5829-6470
FAX : 03-5829-6470

8 minutes walk from Asakusabashi Sta.

From the current location to OUR OUR