June 21st 2019: Grand Opening |



June 21st 2019: Grand Opening

Welcome to the simple yet realxing and comfortable minimal hotel “CAFE / MINIMAL HOTEL OUR OUR”, the newest endavour of the well established bag maker HAYASHIGO that was founded back in 1890.

Centered around the concept of “Ambivalence” (= simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings toward an object, person, or action ), you will also find:

The “Cafe Bar OUR”, a Breakfast/Lunch/Cafe/Dinner and all day experience.

The plain loaf speciality bakery “Asakusa – AO” and its iresistable combination of the Australian “Daiginjo Wheat” with the finest and richest fresh cream.

The “Souvenir Shop” with hand picked and original goods by the one and only Tsuyoshi NIMURA.

The relaxing spa “HINOKI” with its public running station and the japanese cedar bath exclusive to our guests.

Diversity and ambivalence can be had at OUR hotel.




Tokyo-to Taito-ku
Yanagibashi 2-20-13

TEL : 03-5829-6470
FAX : 03-5829-6470

8 minutes walk from Asakusabashi Sta.

From the current location to OUR OUR